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Kyoto, Nov 2016. Liliana Millán

Kyoto, Nov 2016. Liliana Millán



I'm a Data Scientist ... I know... probably you just thought "another scam" ... I do love to use science in the analysis of data (small or big) and find valuable information that can improve decisions, resources, processes, lives.

For me, a data scientist must understand and know about Statistics —mainly bayesian—, Mathematics, Machine Learning, and Computer Science. It's not enough just to have a general understanding or idea of each of these disciplines but to really dive into their core and nuances in order to know when and how to apply all this magnificent knowledge... making models/predictions is not a game... on every decision made by your model you will affect a human... always! Better to do it right having the less possible failures using science than to be irresponsible and ignore the math.

Finally, a Data Scientist must always deliver a data science product, a beautiful pdf/org/rmd report is not a data science product!. an API, shiny dashboard, or something that can actually make use of your model in order to interact with the reality to modify and enhance it is a data science product :) 

If you are on the way to becoming a Data Scientist or you already are one, be responsible! make models based on science not on magic! Data Science is much more than just taking a course on Deep Learning or just knowing the last algorithm in the neighborhood...